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An Astronomer’s Guide to Stargazing in Dorset

Destinations|24 March 2017|

Allowing us to see deep into the universe, astronomy must count as one of the prettiest of the sciences. And the facts that accompany the sights only [...]

The Best Traditional Mayfair Tailors in London

Destinations, People|23 March 2017|

Why buy off the hanger when you can buy bespoke almost just as easily in London. Mayfair is at the heart of the city’s tailoring industry and [...]

A Tippler’s Dream: Sampling the Best of Dorset’s Distilleries

Destinations, Food & Drink|22 March 2017|

Dorset has long been famous for its breweries. Places like Palmers in Bridport and Piddle in Dorchester are just as much a part of the landscape as [...]

World Water Day: An interview with Karen Lynch, CEO of Belu Water

People, We Care|17 March 2017|

World Water Day (WWD) is coming up on 22 March, so Red Carnation caught up with the CEO of the UK’s leading ethical water service company, Belu, [...]

Exploring Eden: A Guide to St James’s Park

Destinations|16 March 2017|

The oldest Royal Park in London, St James’s Park offers 58 acres of greenery surrounded by imposing palaces. Between the neoclassical beauty of Buckingham Palace and the [...]

Black Magic: Cooking with Guinness on St Patrick’s Day

Food & Drink|15 March 2017|

Chefs and stout-lovers have known for decades that Guinness’ magic doesn’t have to stop at the bar. Instead it lends itself to lots of dishes, both savoury [...]

Beach Heaven: A Guide to Umhlanga

Destinations, Food & Drink|14 March 2017|

Once a small seaside resort outside of Durban known as “Umhlanga Rock”, Umhlanga has snowballed in both popularity and size over the years. This is no doubt [...]

Seven Things to do in Kensington Gardens

Uncategorized|13 March 2017|

Our historic property, The Milestone Hotel, sits within London’s prestigious Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and is just moments from the sprawling greenery of Kensington Gardens. [...]

Five of the Best Markets in Geneva

Destinations, Food & Drink|12 March 2017|

Geneva is known for its Swiss watch boutiques, but as most tourists make a beeline for the luxury stores, another side of the city lies waiting to [...]

An interview with Stephen Coppel: Curator of The American Dream Exhibition at the British Museum.

People|11 March 2017|

Emerging from the splendour of your Georgian townhouse, The Montague on the Gardens, you might notice large posters of the Stars and Stripes covering the British Museum. [...]

The Best Bookshops in London

Destinations, Uncategorized|10 March 2017|

Colourful tomes, books with ‘that’ smell, snug armchairs and squat coffee tables. It’s the little things that make London’s bookshops so appealing. Here we look at the [...]

Sustainable Tourism: Protecting our World for Future Generations

People, We Care|9 March 2017|

2017 is set to be a huge year for sustainable tourism thanks to the efforts of UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation), which has declared it the [...]

Highlights of the 2017 Alderney Literary Festival

Destinations, People|8 March 2017|

The third largest of the Channel Islands and the most northerly, Alderney’s relaxing atmosphere is the perfect place to write or read a book. Full of unspoilt [...]

An Interview with the Founder of the Elizabeth Gordon Gallery

Destinations, People|7 March 2017|

First established in an elegant Edwardian house, on Durban’s vibrant Florida Road almost 30 years ago, the Elizabeth Gordon gallery is one of South Africa’s leading commercial [...]

A Date with Infinity: Star-Gazing in the Cederberg Mountains

Destinations|28 February 2017|

South Africa is famous for some huge stars, from political titans like Nelson Mandela to actresses such as Charlize Theron, but even these must take a backseat [...]

Nips, Tots & Drams: 15 Facts You Never Knew About Irish Whiskey

Destinations, Food & Drink|27 February 2017|

Ireland isn’t just the master of dark stout and curvy liqueurs, it’s also the king of whiskey makers. Possessing very different processes to its scotch and bourbon [...]

How to Spend the Perfect Mother’s Day in Dorset

Destinations, People|24 February 2017|

Fringed with fossil-flecked cliffs, hedgerow-lined lanes and the quaint sort of tea-houses that make it such a quintessentially British location, Dorset is the perfect place to go [...]

Celebrating the Life of Princess Diana: Kensington Uncovered with The Milestone Hotel

Destinations|23 February 2017|

Princess Diana fans, both in Britain and abroad, are flocking to Kensington Palace this spring to see the new exhibition, Diana: Her Fashion Story. Celebrating the Princess [...]

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