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10 Must-See Things at the Victoria & Albert Museum

London’s extraordinary museums regularly draw millions of visitors. From blockbuster exhibitions at The Tate Modern to the city’s array of hidden private collections, we Londoners have access […]

Destinations | 10 January 2014


Top 10 most awesome sights along the Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast is England’s first natural World Heritage Site, but at 95 miles long you’d struggle to explore it all in a couple of days. Charles Lotter, General Manager of Summer Lodge, picks out ten of the very best bits – so get your walking boots on and your fossil hunting hammer out for some unforgettable geological adventures!

Destinations | 27 May 2011

Attractions in Dorset

Guernsey – a walker’s paradise

Andrew Chantrell, General Manager of The Duke of Richmond and The Old Government House Hotel, shares with us his love of exploring the cliffs of Guernsey. With […]

Destinations | 31 May 2013

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The Stone Sentinel: A Profile of Castle Cornet

Destinations|29 March 2017|

Standing inviolable on its rock, roughly half a mile off the Guernsey coastline, Castle Cornet has protected the island for eight centuries. Here, to celebrate its 2017 [...]

An Astronomer’s Guide to Stargazing in Dorset

Destinations|24 March 2017|

Allowing us to see deep into the universe, astronomy must count as one of the prettiest of the sciences. And the facts that accompany the sights only [...]

Exploring Eden: A Guide to St James’s Park

Destinations|16 March 2017|

The oldest Royal Park in London, St James’s Park offers 58 acres of greenery surrounded by imposing palaces. Between the neoclassical beauty of Buckingham Palace and the [...]

A Date with Infinity: Star-Gazing in the Cederberg Mountains

Destinations|28 February 2017|

South Africa is famous for some huge stars, from political titans like Nelson Mandela to actresses such as Charlize Theron, but even these must take a backseat [...]

Celebrating the Life of Princess Diana: Kensington Uncovered with The Milestone Hotel

Destinations|23 February 2017|

Princess Diana fans, both in Britain and abroad, are flocking to Kensington Palace this spring to see the new exhibition, Diana: Her Fashion Story. Celebrating the Princess [...]

Forest Trekking: Where to Go in Dorset Woodland

Destinations|17 February 2017|

England’s rolling hills, verdant colours and splendid pub-dotted vistas are the stuff of legend. And Dorset does it better than most shires. An ancient landscape, its idyllic [...]

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