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Tea Heaven: The Origin of Teas Served at The Chesterfield Palm Beach

Tea is a quintessentially British tradition.  Aside from ‘high tea’, Brits start each morning with a cup of tea and and continue to drink it throughout the day.  The small population of the UK consumes 165 million cups of tea each day; usually black tea with milk.  The Chesterfield Palm Beach has worked tirelessly to source the best teas from around the world so that you can enjoy tea heaven, too.  Our fabulous selection of teas allows you to take a journey of discovery through the global range we have gathered for your pleasure.

Green Tea

Green tea is picked from the tender leaves of the plant and immediately toasted to keep its green colour and light freshness.  High in antioxidants, green tea is enjoyed throughout the world, with the best varieties coming from China and Japan.  We serve the famed sencha green tea from Japan.  Sencha, is a vibrant green infusion that is refreshing and revitalising.

Tea Heaven

White Tea

White tea is considered by many to be the Champagne of teas.  The buds and leaves are picked when they are very young and dried by the rays of the sun.  The light and refreshing tea is characterised by a delicate infusion that has little acidity and naturally sweet flavour.  We at The Chesterfield have sourced ours from Fujian province in China, the homeland of white tea.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is shrouded in mystery and comes from China, where its name means ‘black dragon’.  The tea is picked from the plant and then allowed to semi-oxidize in the air, before being toasted to stop the blackening process.  We have chosen the delicious  dark-green se chung oolong from Fujian province in China.  The name means ‘colorful variety’ and its herbaceaous flavor is one to remember.

Tea Heaven

Orange Pekoe

Orange pekoe is actually a grade of black tea, rather than a variety.  With teas, the smaller the leaf, the more prized it is.  Orange pekoes are the highest grade black teas.  Ours is an Assam, one of the oldest teas in the world, found growing wild in the Assam region of India in 1823.  This tea is what began the English love affair with tea and allowed normal people to access the drink previously reserved for the wealthy.  The Chesterfield’s Assam is malty, yet sweet and smooth.

English Breakfast

The most popular tea in Britain, English breakfast tea is so prevalent, it is never asked for by name.  When someone in England asks if you want a ‘cuppa’, EBT is what you get.  This robust black tea is a blend of teas from Assam, Kenyan and Ceylon varieties, that makes a strong brew.  The full-bodied tea is usually taken with milk in Britain and we serve an excellent blend with rich spicy, fruity notes.

Tea Heaven

Classic Earl Grey

Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, was a notable man in many respects.  Known as the Prime Minister who abolished slavery in the British Empire in 1833, his most famous contribution to the world is Earl Grey tea.  Black tea flavoured with the citrus oil of bergamot was given to him as a gift.  He gave the recipe to a London tea purveyor and the rest is history.  This legendary brew is an elegant, refreshing drink that we are proud to serve every time.


Rooibos is not exactly a tea per se, but this delicious South African infusion is caffeine free and high in antioxidants.  The name means ‘red bush’ and the traditional drink is made from the rooibos plants that grow near Bushman’s Kloof in the Cederberg mountains.  Often enjoyed with milk and sugar, much like black tea, rooibos is naturally sweet and refreshing.

Tea Heaven

Whichever tea you pick to accompany your Traditional English Tea experience at The Chesterfield, you will be transported on an English voyage of discovery around the world in a cup.  Each tea we serve perfectly complements our sandwiches, cakes and freshly baked scones.

All Images are Courtesy of Red Carnation Hotels