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The Best Restaurants in Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge is one of London’s most sophisticated neighbourhoods, with Hyde Park on its doorstep, exclusive properties, and an inescapable sense of glamour. But where are the best places to dine after guests have emerged from the immaculate Egerton House Hotel, visited the world-class museums and shopped till they’ve dropped at the countless designers stores? Here’s a quick look at some of the best restaurants in Knightsbridge.


Serving outstanding sashimi, sushi and izakaya-style dishes, Chisou is where in-the-know Knightsbridge locals go for a traditional Japanese setting and a superlative collection of sake. Just around the corner from Harrods, regulars attend its sake and whisky tastings to learn more about their favourite tipples and how to pair them.

Best Restaurants in Knightsbridge

Mari Vanna 

Knightsbridge’s best Russian restaurant, Mari Vanna will remind most visitors of splendid dachas rendered in a rather kitsch manner. Lined with big bottles of vodka that slowly absorb the flavours of the fruits they hold, the menu is no less fun, with assorted salads, pierogi and blinis pinning it all together. Some patrons make a point of going just to pay a visit to the loo, where hilarious Russian radio messages keep everybody entertained.


Petrus is Gordon Ramsay’s flagship restaurant and, while technically in Belgravia, is counted here because few refuse to cross Sloane Street to indulge in its delights. And that willingness is doubtless fuelled by a menu that includes roasted veal sweetbread, polenta and king oyster mushroom ragu, as well as a perfectly crafted vegetarian menu, with seamless service and understated surroundings.

Best Restaurants in Knightsbridge


The original Japanese izakaya restaurant in London, Zuma was on the block long before Kurobuta and Funky Buddha hit on the same recipe. Always packed with a young, fashionable crowd that devours small plates of tuna tataki and sushi with ease, nobody fears when they don’t get a table in this joint thanks to a trendy bar that overlooks the spirited kitchen.


Hawksmoor’s winning combination of sublime cocktails and prime cuts of sizzling steak has been a big hit in London for several years now, and its star shows no sign of waning. Contributing to its enviable reputation is a clubbable atmosphere that belies its size, as well as a big wine cellar that ensures boozy lunches or romantic dates go down a real treat.

Best Restaurants in Knightsbridge

Les Gourmets de Ternes 

Knightsbridge’s charming French neighbourhood restaurant, Les Gourmets de Ternes doesn’t try to outclass the competition. Instead, it serves homely French classics – the sort of bistro fare the French love – and does it very well. Favourites include garlicky escargots à la bourguignonne, scallops Provençale and crème caramel, with brisk but friendly service. Book a table here if you love white tablecloths, spartan décor and down-to-earth dining.

Best Restaurants in Knightsbridge

All of these delightful restaurants are a short stroll away from the impeccable beauty and inviting lounge bar of the Egerton House Hotel.

Images Courtesy of Chisou, Gordon Ramsay Holdings & Hawksmoor.