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Exploring Palm Beach Art Deco

Header_Credit-ManakiniStockThinkstock_www.thinkstockphotos.co.ukimagestock-photo-peaceful-villa-on-the-seaside-palm-beach484167973 With its laid-back attitude and good-time vibe, not to mention plenty of scenic oceanside splendour, Palm Beach has always had plenty to offer those looking for relaxation. But with the Art Deco movement now firmly back in the retro spotlight, this charming Florida town is attracting a new wave of… [read more]
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The Best Summer Events in Palm Beach

The Best Summer Events in Palm Beach Whether you’re thinking of sunning yourself on the beach or taking in the local sights, stay with us at The Chesterfield Palm Beach and you’ll be perfectly positioned to make the most of summer in Florida. From beer festivals to patriotic bonanzas, there are some incredible events in Palm Beach… [read more]
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Big Game Fishing in Florida

HEADER_Game-fishing-in-Florida_tuna-fishing_Credit-Antonio-Balaguer-soler_Hemera_Thinkstock_www.thinkstockphotos.co Fishing is a big deal in Florida. The state has churned out over 4,200 world records in fishing and offers over 7,700 lakes and more than 10,500 miles of rivers and waterways, not to mention over 2,200 miles of tidal shoreline, all teaming with aquatic life. But, when it comes… [read more]
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Eight Unusual Palm Beach Tours

Eight Unusual Palm Beach Tours From historic landmarks like the Henry Flagler Museum to the high-end shops that line Fort Worth, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in Palm Beach. Whether you choose to explore the incredible natural scenery of the everglades via airboat, opt for a kayaking tour of the area’s exquisite beaches or… [read more]
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Florida Uncovered: An Everglades Guide

An Everglades Guide Located less than two hours drive from The Chesterfield Palm Beach, the Everglades National Park offers a fascinating mosaic of diverse habitats, from vast pine forests to enormous wetlands. A must-visit for nature lovers, the national park is home to a variety of rare species including manatees, American crocodiles, alligators… [read more]
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A Guide to Polo in Palm Beach

Polo in Palm Beach The winter equestrian capital of the world, players and spectators alike flock to Palm Beach in January to welcome the arrival of polo season. Set in sunny Florida, there are many reasons to enjoy a day at the polo in Palm Beach, especially when staying at the conveniently located Chesterfield… [read more]
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The Best Golf Courses in Palm Beach

Eagle_Credit- James_Thomas_Photo -Thinkstock-istock-header Dubbed the “golf capital of Florida,” Palm Beach is famous for its pristine greens and premier courses. The perfect place to practice your swing, this sunny stretch of Florida coastline offers some of the finest courses in the country, many designed by America’s most celebrated golfing architects. The playground of… [read more]
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Palm Beach on a plate – the best dining experiences

Chesterfield Palm Beach “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful” Mae West famously remarked. And that’s certainly true of wining and dining in Palm Beach – you’ll never get around to enjoying all the best restaurants in Palm Beach but it’s great fun trying! Here are our top recommendations For an… [read more]
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Chesterfield Candy Cane – Cocktail Recipe

ChesterfieldCandyCane It’s that time of year when Christmas parties are in full swing and everyone is feeling festive! To help your party go off with a jingle we’ve got a festive recipe from the Head Barman at The Chesterfield Palm Beach. Ingredients 2 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream 1 oz. Peppermint Schnapps… [read more]
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Croquet – alive and well in West Palm Beach

croquet_thumb The National Croquet Center, built on ten lush acres in West Palm Beach, is the headquarters of the Croquet Foundation of America.  It features a magnificently elegant 19,000 square foot Florida Keys style clubhouse that sits in the midst of a vast and near-perfect lawn divided into 12 full-size croquet… [read more]
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